Activities to Keep your Guest Occupied or Involved in the Wedding!

Jan 31, 2020

Some of you have attended countless weddings and let’s admit it, they are generally similar – speeches, cake cutting, champagne toasting…. But don’t worry because here are a list of ideas on how you can make your special day a fun and engaging one for your guests (besides the typical tear-jerking speeches & epic yuuuuuuuum-sengs).

1. Photobooth
Get in a photobooth vendor! Everyone loves photobooths especially those with instant prints out and props to dress themselves up. Guest are free to roam about to the photobooth as and when they like to take some photos for future keepsake. If you are worried about being it troublesome for the guest, you can even engage a roving photographer that does instant print out as well. Photos will be printed out and placed on a table so guest are able to retrieve their own photos.

2. Live-Band
Background music from spotify can be quite boring because guest can listen music from their cellphone as well. To make it interesting, you can have a live-band to play 2 or 3 sets of music for your wedding. Get your guest to write down their song request for the band to play it! The band can play “Perfect by Ed Sheeran” for your wedding march in as well.

3. Wedding Hashtags
Create a special wedding hashtag and encourage guest to take pictures with the couple, family and friends throughout the event and hashtag on Instagram (they can take OOTD and foodporn as well!). This way, they can be your photographer from all different angles with the wedding hashtag on Instagram, you can always look back on the hashtag and discover all the memories built up on this special day with your love ones.

4. Portrait
Get your guest to draw a simple portrait of you and your partner! You will have to leave some paper and pens on the table for them. This will prove some of them are definitely not artist because of their stickman drawings. To encourage all of them to draw, you can let your guest know that the couple will select their favorite portrait and the winner gets to do something for the couple such as a prize given to the winner, it can be mixing some special alcohol concoction for the couple to drink or even a dare for the couple (depends on how crazy you want it to be!). After the end of the event, you can collect back all the portrait, frame it up and admire how “artistic” your guest is.

5. Shoe Game
I’m sure everyone heard of this classic game. Get seated down with your partner back to back, your shoe and your partner’s shoe on each hand. Dedicate the task to your bestman and your maid of honour to prepare a list of question to ask, you can also give opportunities to your guest to ask the question by passing the microphone around. This game is sort of like a telepathy game or how well do you know your partner game. Some question be like “who love the partner more?”, “who confess first?”, “who initiated the first kiss?”, and after each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the answer to the question. It will depend on how crazy your guest can be!

6. Children’s Corner
So far, we have different type of activities to keep your guest engaged but what about those that have children? Children CAN NOT STAY STILL! They can be fidgety but as long as they have friends to play with, they can be slightly more well behaved than usual. Prepare a corner for children, maybe some arts & crafts, stickers, crayons and paper for them to doodle around. If they are nice enough, they might come up with a masterpiece as a wedding gift for you!

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