Who is 1-Host and what do we do?

HOST is renowned for its signature events — 
elegant garden occasions at One Rochester, breath-taking sky-high parties at 1-Altitude, as well as beautiful park events at Fort Canning Park, HortPark and Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Host Team of experienced event planners, together with our F&B specialists, premier venues and professional partners, will orchestrate your special event the way you have envisioned it, starting from its conceptualization and planning, till the last guest leaves and everything is packed away.

Now, as the appointed Managing Agents for the venue spaces at Fort Canning Park, HortPark and Singapore Botanic Gardens, HOST is pleased to include gardens and buildings in these parks under its exclusive offerings for venue bookings.

What is the maximum capacity at your outlets?

The Summerhouse – 620 pax seated, 1200 pax standing
Botanico at The Garage
– 150 pax seating, 200 pax standing
Monti at Fullerton Pavilion – 200 pax seated, 420 pax standing
Stellar at 1-Altitude – 180 pax seated, 380 pax standing
The Alkaff Mansion – 950 pax seated, 2000 pax standing

Is there a minimum spending?

Yes, there is a minimum spending in the various outlets. It depends on the number of guest you will be expecting, as well as the date & time of your special event day!

What are the services you provide?

Planning Services – Includes planning & budgeting, coordinating & styling

Coordinating Service – On-the-day event coordinating

Styling Service – Venue, solemnisation & dining decoration

How are your wedding packages like?

Our wedding packages are fully customized as such, we do not have a fixed package.
Please contact us and state your preferable venue (if any), and we will get our planners to speak to you so as to know your event and requirement better.

Do you offer halal food option?

External catering can be done if the whole restaurant is booked. Alternatively, the parks’ venues managed by 1-host allows you to bring in external caterers as well.

Do you have a projector and screen?

Yes, we do have the basic projector system and screen in our outlets.

National Parks Venue:

What are the maximum capacities for the parks venue?

Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) – up to 200pax seated, 300pax standing
HortLawn – up to 350pax seated, 500pax standing
Leaf Room – up to 25 pax seated
Flower Room - up to 25 pax seated
Fruit Room - up to 50 pax seated
Seed Room - up to 15 pax seated
Event Lawn – up to 500pax seated, 900pax standing
Balinese Garden – up to 50pax seated
Exhibition Gallery – up to 170pax standing

Fort Canning Park:
Flag Staff Lawn – up to 500pax seated, 1000pax standing
Fort Green – up to 5000pax seated, 7000pax standing
Fort Gate – up to 1000pax seated, 2500pax standing
Lawn @ The Foothills – up to 500pax seated, 1000pax standing
Galeri Utama – up to 100pax seated, 120pax standing
Raffles House – up to 80pax seated indoor, 80pax seated outdoor, 70 pax standing outdoor
Old Married Soldiers' Quarters (OMSQ) – up to 40pax seated indoor, 400pax seated outdoor

Singapore Botanic Gardens:
Function Hall – up to 180pax in theatre seating
Function Room – up to 50pax in theatre seating
Burkill Hall – up to 180pax (80pax on Level 1, 100pax on Level 2)

What are the rental charges like for the parks venue?

The rental rate for our parks venue varies. Do take note a minimum booking of 4 hours is required and has to book within time blocks of:
8am - 12pm
1pm - 5pm
6pm - 10pm
Do take note that we need at least a minimum of 2 months advance booking.

What does your rental includes?

Depending on the venue, it ranges from empty venue to basic audio and visual systems. However, 1-Host service will be able to provide other necessities for your event.

Does your company assist in wedding or corporate planning and styling in the parks?

Yes, we do. We are actually one of the most experienced planners and stylists due to the experience of managing parks venues itself.

Do you have contacts for F&B and/or logistic caterers?

Yes, we do have a list of caterers, contractors and vendors that we are working with.

When can I begin event set up?

For parks’ venue, do take note that your set up and tear down has to be included in your booking time. If you need more time, you’d need to book for an additional day before and after your event for setting up and tearing down.