Singapore’s Wedding Traditions/Superstitions

Feb 29, 2020

What are the weirdest traditions or superstitions you have ever heard from the elderlies while planning for your wedding? Some of the older generations have a different mindset with the current trend that we are flowing with. “No black! No white flowers!” they said, but who still follows the old mindset nowadays? Aha, let’s get started to explore the different traditions and superstitions that you might have already heard of.

1. White flowers
In Chinese traditions, white flowers symbolize deaths and are used in funerals. But worry not if you’re into the white & green floral theme that’s currently in trend now! White roses actually symbolize purity and you can actually use them for your wedding. Afraid that your parents will start nagging once they are aware of your white floral selections? Use ivory roses instead and it’s equally nice. You can consider to add in touches of maybe burgundy, blush or champagne as well.

2. Black
What will go wrong with black? Black signify bad luck and people usually wear black to mourn or to attend funeral. That’s why people often say not to dress in black if you’re attending a wedding as it might bring bad luck to the couple. Does it really bring bad luck? We wouldn’t know though as it’s dependent on how superstitious the couple are.

3. Attending event
Couple shouldn’t attend funerals if their wedding is around the corner as it will result in bad luck. They also shouldn’t attend any weddings 3 months before & after your own wedding or visiting friends/relatives that just gave birth as it’s believed to have your luck clashed. It’s up to personal beliefs but don’t say I never warn you hor!

4. Meeting another bride on your wedding day
Yes, it might sound cool to meet another bride on your wedding day BUT it’s not a good thing at all. Both brides will have a clash of luck! The percentage isn’t really high yet it might happen. How should you do if it really happens though? Bestman of both sides should exchange an angpow to balance out the bad effects on couple’s behalf. Please remember to brief your bestman on what to do if such occasions really happen.

5. Bridesmaid
ACCORDING to traditions, a lady can’t be a bridesmaid for more than 3 times otherwise she won’t be able to get married herself. By this belief, brides are recommended not to have someone as your bridesmaid if she has been a bridesmaid for more than 3 times otherwise you will feed on her bad marital luck. But if you really only have that 1 bff that you must have her as your bridesmaid, can is can la, here comes the solution to remove the curse! Sounds magical but just kidding, it’s just a myth. To rid of the bad marital luck, get her to catch your bridal bouquet OR she has to be a bridesmaid for 7 times.

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