Back to the time when she was a part time staff in UNA @ one Rochester, she found out that event management is interesting especially when she saw all guests enjoyed the moment and the happy vibe. After she graduated, she chose to join this industry again but this time as an event coordinator. So, what motivates Jamie for her job is always the smile on the face of her clients/couples and the feel of accomplishment by end of every event. Also, Jamie always thinks that there is so much to learn in her job and she wants to grasp whatever knowledge that she might experience through the journey. 

One of Jamie’s favorite trend/theme nowadays is dried flowers deco. Although dried flowers aren’t always beloved due to the color and the smell of the flower, but it creates minimalistic/subtle and rustic kind of vibe to the environment. Also, the good thing about dried flowers, the flowers wont wilt and end of the day the guests can bring home and put it as a deco. 

Jamie shared one of her special experiences from her past events, which she had a wedding event held in Riverhouse, the bride requested for vegetables like carrots, broccolis etc as the deco instead of fresh flowers, including solemn area. This is because the bride wants to let the guests to take the vegetables home after the event and cook them if they want to prevent wastage. Jamie thought that its quite interesting as usually the staff will throw the flowers after the event and it definitely causes wastage. 

During the peak period, we will have tons of events and pre discussion going on and it’s a lot of pressure. She always needs to stay calm, focus on the issue and deliver the best thing to the clients/couples. She will try to understand her pressure and manage/assess her workload by separating into essential and non-essential. For example, she will arrange the workload based on the deadline. During her non-work time, she will take a break and try not to touch work related items. Sometimes she will plan for a vacation, even if it’s within the country, just stay away from her work and to relieve stress. 

Jamie always aims to achieve customers satisfaction and make the event as one of memorable events for couple/clients in their life. Event coordinator always going to be exhausted and relieved after the event, but it’s difficult for her to provide an objective evaluation of how the event went. Therefore, she will collect feedbacks from her clients to avoid the mistake and improve her performance for future events.

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